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A25/45 Spreader

    The Annovi A25/45 spreader has been specifically designed for row crops, such as orchards, vineyards, and vegetable crops. It can spread all types of organic matter (e.g., manure, compost, RCW – wood chips).

    It can be configured for various row widths, thus ensuring that organic matter is always precisely spread at the base of the trees, bushes, or vines.

    Thanks to the discharge system at the front of the spreader and the axle in a relatively forward position, the spreader has good traction on all types of grounds and a minimal turning radius, which is very convenient when turning at the end of the rows.


    Spreader A25 Spreader A45
    Loading capacity 2.2 m³ 3.5 m³
    Spread length 1 to 5 m 1 to 5 m
    Tires 10.75 x 15.3 10.75 x 15.3
    Weight 850 kg 950 kg
    Turbine diameter 1.05 m 1.25 m
    Side walls height 0.70 m 0.70 m
    Maximum height 1.42 m 1.60 m
    Platform length 2.80 m 3.30 m
    Maximum length 4.60 m 5.20 m
    Maximum width 1.45 m 1.60 m
    Minimum tractor power 35/40 hp 40/50 hp

    Optional Features

    • Hydraulic tilt of the side spreading disc
    • Articulated drawbar on the three-point linkage
    • Mobile rear panel to push the organic fertilizer
    • Central opening
    • Flotation tires
    • Turbine walls made with HARDOX
    • Sideboard to raise the hopper
    • Hot galvanized structure


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    Manufacturer: F.lli Annovi
    Expertise: Nuts and Berries, Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vegetables, Vineyards
    Categorie: Spreading, Stock Equipment