Trellising & Crop Protection Systems

ProduceTech is your trusted partner for all your trellising and crop protection needs.

    Through Valente, our renowned Italian supplier, we are proud to offer a wide range of turnkey solutions, including complete trellising systems, concrete posts for orchards and vineyards, anti-hail netting, anti-insect netting, anti-rain structures, as well as windbreak fencing systems.

    Our systems have the advantages of improving operational efficiency and yields, while also decreasing the use of chemical inputs and reducing weather risks.

    Contact us to get a quote for one of our high-quality trellising and crop protection systems, that will bring you long-lasting satisfaction.

    Recent Projects

    • Anti-rain netting at Framboises Lalande, Nominingue
    • Anti-insect netting in a demo field at CÉTAB +, Victoriaville
    • Trellising at Vignoble Meraviglia, Laval
    • Trellising at Verger Saint-François, St-Pie