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TH500A/B/E Mechanical Thinner

    BMV TH500A/B/E mechanical thinners are ideal for high-density orchards. They are front-mounted, and they have a monitor to adjust whip rotation speed independently of the tractor hydraulic flow and engine rpm.

    Three models are available:

    • TH500E: economical model with fixed height frame
    • TH500A: robust thinning machine with vertical hydraulic movement to work at various heights. This thinner can also be installed on the Orizzonti FRUIT pruner for orchards.
    • TH500B: thinning machine with two independent sections, with different rotation speeds, to adjust thinning between the top and the bottom of the tree.


    Éclaircisseuses BMV - Caractéristiques
    BMV Thinners - Characteristics
    TH500 - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: BMV
    Expertise: Orchards, Specialized Equipment
    Categorie: Apple Tree Management, Stock Equipment, Thinners