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RMB BioSystem Mower

    The Aedes RMB mower allows for mowing simultaneously the row and the interrow. Indeed, it is fitted with an Aedes Biosystem in-row arm, with a feeler and a wire rotor, that mows the grass between the trees.


    • Rear mounted
    • Hydraulic side shift
    • Automatic electro-hydraulic feeler powered by an independent hydraulic circuit with pump and tank
    • 3-point linkage for categories 1 and 2
    • Required: tractor with three double-acting hydraulic outlets and PTO 540 rpm
    • Compatible with tractors of 40 to 70 hp minimum, depending on the mower’s width

    Optional Features

    • Double 3-point linkage for categories 1 and 2 (front/rear mounted)


    RMB - Technical Data Sheet
    RMB - Données techniques
    Manufacturer: Aedes
    Expertise: Nuts and Berries, Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vineyards
    Categorie: Cover Crop Management, Mowers