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PMD Vario Tool Carrier

    The Orizzonti PMD Vario tool carrier allows you to install several machines, such as pre-pruner, trimmer, and shoot remover on the same frame, to facilitate vineyard management. It operates on one row at a time and is ideal for vineyards with interrow distances of 2 m or more.


    • Front mounted
    • Self-leveling system
    • Quick coupling to the tractor
    • Quick adaptor and integrated hydraulic circuits for quick changeovers from one tool to another
    • Electrohydraulic distributor with a 6-function joystick
      • 5 movements (vertical movement, lateral movement, tool tilt, 2 extra movements) + on/off motor
    • Storage support
    • Required: tractor with a double-acting hydraulic outlet, with a minimum flow of 30 L/min and a maximum pressure of 180 bar. Highly recommended: a single-acting hydraulic outlet with pressure-free return flow

    Optional Features

    • Independent hydraulic unit, with oil cooler, pump, and filter
    • Wide range of tools available, e.g., pre-pruner, single-sided or tunnel blade trimmer, single-sided or tunnel knives trimmer, shoot remover head


    PMD VARIO - Brochure
    Manufacturer: Orizzonti Macchine Agricole
    Expertise: Specialized Equipment, Vineyards
    Categorie: Grape Vine Management, Tool Carriers