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PM202 Pile Driver with Grapple

    The Malaguti PM 202 pile driver is a compact double-rotor pile driver, that includes a grapple to handle posts.

    The operator, working from the excavator cab, grasps the post with the grapple, positions it, and drives it into the ground with the vibrating system, safely and efficiently.


    • Mounted on a 4-12-ton excavator
    • Works with the excavator hydraulic system
    • For wood, steel and concrete posts

    Optional Features

    • Vibrating plate compactor
    • Steel spike to pre-drill holes


    Enfonce-pieux - Données techniques
    Pile Driver - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Malaguti
    Expertise: Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vineyards
    Categorie: Planting, Stock Equipment