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OS Fruit Tree Shaker

    The Feucht OS fruit tree shaker is fitted with a 10-meter steel cable, connected to a strap that wraps around the tree. When the PTO is activated, the vibrations are transferred to the tree, so that the fruits fall on the ground. The tree shaker can shake up to 20 trees per hour.


    • Front or rear mounted
    • 3-point linkage for categories 1 and 2
    • Required: tractor ≥ 15 hp and PTO 540 rpm

    Optional Features

    • Double rope pulley (to shake two trees at the same time)
    • Telescopic arm (to hang the cable on the tree)
    • 12 or 14-meter steel cable


    Tree Shaker - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Feucht Obsttechnik
    Expertise: Nuts and Berries, Orchards, Specialized Equipment
    Categorie: Harvest, Stock Equipment