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NT Fruit Harvester

    The Krauss NT harvester has been designed to pick up large volumes of fallen fruits (up to 12 tons/hour).

    It is fitted with a cleaning system with a blower, which removes debris such as twigs, leaves, and grass from the fruits, and a blower that clears the fallen fruits from the tree area.

    Three models are available:

    • NT Mini: working width: 260 cm; hopper capacity: 900 kg
    • NT 42: working width: 300 cm; hopper capacity: 1500 kg
    • NT 60: working width: 320 cm; hopper capacity: 1800 kg


    NT - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Krauss Maschinen GmbH
    Expertise: Orchards, Specialized Equipment
    Categorie: Harvest, Harvesters