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Duplex MPF Hydraulic Lift

    The Orizzonti Duplex MPF hydraulic lift for tractor is perfect for moving pallets and harvest bins.


    • Front/rear mounted
    • Lifting capacity: 1300-1700 kg, depending on the model
    • Lifting height: 1.8 to 3.2 m, depending on the model
    • Foldable and adjustable forks
    • Lock valve on the lifting and tilting cylinders
    • Hydraulic distributor with 4 levers
      • Lateral movement, vertical movement, tilt, an extra movement
    • Required: tractor with a double-acting hydraulic outlet, with a minimum flow of 25 L/min and a maximum pressure of 180 bar

    Optional Features

    • Joystick to control hydraulic functions


    MPF - Brochure
    Manufacturer: Orizzonti Macchine Agricole
    Expertise: Nuts and Berries, Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vegetables, Vineyards
    Categorie: Crop Handling and Transportation, Stock Equipment