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RibbFill Control Coat

    RibbFill Control Coat is a durable, ready-to-use coating that has been developed to perfectly seal walls and ceilings of controlled atmosphere storage rooms.

    This food-grade white coating is made of acrylate dispersions. It adheres easily to urethane foam and can be applied with an airless-spraying machine, a roller, or a brush.


    20 kg buckets
    Finish Satin matte
    Color White, RAL 9001 and RAL 9002
    Density 1.4 g/cm3
    Viscosity 400 P (Brookfield 20 Rpm)
    VOC-Content Max. 30 g/ltr
    Layer Thickness 2 kg/m2
    Drying Time Paintable after 24 hours, fully cured after 48 hours
    Application Conditions Min 5o C, max 80% R.H.
    Shelf Life 24 months in proper storage conditions
    Manufacturer: RibbStyle
    Expertise: Controlled Atmosphere
    Categorie: Airtight Coating