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Gen2ius Nitrogen Generator

    The Absoger Gen2ius nitrogen generator provides a continuous generation of stable, high purity nitrogen.

    Using PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption), nitrogen is separated from oxygen and other gases in pre-treated ambient air, by a fully regenerable activated carbon molecular sieve.

    Designed with pairs of activated carbon cylinders, the Gen2ius generator has the advantage of being perfectly adapted to the users’ nitrogen needs. In fact, by adding pairs of cylinders (maximum 10 pairs), the nitrogen flow rate increases, without the need to buy a more powerful generator.

    The Gen2ius generator has a low energy consumption and requires very little maintenance.

    Two configurations are available:

    • Gen2ius alone: must be supplied by an independent compressed air network
    • Gen2ius kit: includes a compressor, air tank, filter chain, and dryer. Nitrogen tank optional.


    • Nitrogen purity: 95 % to 99.999 %
    • Nitrogen flow rate: 1 to 130 N m3/h (1 à 85 CFM) (higher flow rate on request)
    • Nitrogen outlet pressure: 5 to 8 bar (70 à 120 PSI) (higher pressure on request)
    • Includes a system for remote control and data recording

    Optional Features

    • Double purity
    • Filter cylinder with activated carbon
    Manufacturer: Absoger
    Expertise: Controlled Atmosphere
    Categorie: Controlled Atmosphere Equipment, Stock Equipment