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Supervisor V7

    The Absoger Supervisor V7 is a computer system designed to manage controlled atmosphere storage rooms.  It provides real-time measurement of all the parameters of controlled atmosphere rooms (e.g., oxygen and carbon dioxide; optional: ethylene, temperature, relative humidity, pressure). This system allows you to precisely manage the storage conditions of your fruit and vegetables, while ensuring data traceability thanks to automatic backups.


    • O2 analyzer: zirconium oxide cell
    • CO2 analyzer: infrared adsorption detection (NDIR)
    • C2H4 analyzer: electrocatalytic
    • PT100 temperature (up to 5 points per room)
    • Collector and solenoid valves for room sampling
    • Control pump (dual analysis pump)
    • SQL Server database
    • SUPERVISOR V7 software compatible with Windows
    • Storage and use of data in Excel, PDF, Word
    • Network connection: Ethernet
    • Configurable alarms


    Superviseur V7 - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Absoger
    Expertise: Controlled Atmosphere
    Categorie: Gas Analysis and Management