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Standard Duty Vegetable Washer and Dryer

    The Willsie standard vegetable washer/dryer is a compact line for round fruits and vegetables. When optional overhead brushes are added, this unit can also be used for cucumbers, long potatoes, Chinese radish, sweet potatoes, and squash.


    • 24 in wide
    • 13 x 3.5 in brushes (staggered speed and height)
    • 6 x 4 in drying rollers
    • Drain pan under the brushes
    • Adjustable legs
    • Washer nozzle in hood
    • Steel shafts and bronze bushings
    • Discharge chute
    • Uses 5 gal water/minute minimum
    • Capacity: 1-2 ton/hour depending on soil condition
    • Can also be used for dry brushing

    Optional Features

    • Water recirculation system
    • Stainless steel structure and contact points for washer
    • Top brushes for long or irregular vegetables
    • Lead-in chute and sorting table
    • Caster wheels
    Manufacturer: Willsie
    Expertise: Grading & Packing, Specialized Equipment, Vegetables
    Categorie: Cleaning, Harvest