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Pneumatic Leaf Remover for Orchards

    The Olmi pneumatic leaf remover for orchards is equipped with an air blower that sends a high flow of pressurized air through rotating nozzles, onto the area where leaves have to be removed. The air jet action thus disintegrates the leaves, while preserving the fruits.

    Olmi offers a wide range of leaf remover models suitable for different types of orchard trellising. Various combinations of leaf removal heads, fitted with 2 to 6 rotors, are available, allowing to work on either half a row or two half-rows at a time.

    Some models also feature a 180-degree pivoting head to work on both sides of the tractor.


    • Leaf-stripping zone: 1.3 to 2 m high
    • Working speed: 1 to 3 km/h
    • Working pressure: 0.5 to 0.9 bar
    • Front/rear mounted
    • Electrohydraulic distributor with joystick
    • 3-point linkage for categories 1 and 2
    • Required: tractor 80-100 hp depending on the model, with a PTO and a double-acting hydraulic outlet. Highly recommended: a single-acting hydraulic outlet with pressure-free return flow


    Olmi Leaf Removers for Orchards - Brochure
    Manufacturer: Olmi
    Expertise: Orchards, Specialized Equipment
    Categorie: Apple Tree Management, Leaf Removers