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Optisort Sorting Machine for Asparagus

    The Strauss OptiSort optical sorter sorts green and white asparagus according to their diameter, length, colour, and external defects (curved spears, spears without tip, splitting).

    The asparagus spear is first cut to length, cleaned, and separated from the batch by being placed in an individual cup. It travels through the optical sorting lane to the corresponding receiving outlet, depending on its size and grade.


    • Perfect classification thanks to optical sorting
    • Gentle handling of the asparagus spears thanks to the cup system
    • Low water consumption thanks to the water recirculation system
    • Processing of green and white asparagus on the same machine


    Models available

    Models Cups/hour Number of discharge chutes
    OptiSort GMS 21 000 12+
    Optisort GM 28 000 14+
    OptiSort GS 36 000 16+
    OptiSort G 50 000 18+


    Optisort - Technical Data Sheet
    Optisort - Données techniques
    Manufacturer: Strauss
    Expertise: Grading & Packing
    Categorie: Grading