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Optical Sorter for Apples

    Using a camera and artificial intelligence, Green Sort optical apple sorter can sort apples by diameter, colour, and external imperfections. It ensures a gentle handling of apples, from the bin dumper to receiving tables.


    • Module for sorting by diameter
    • Capacity: 1.2 tons/hour
    • 5 receiving tables
    • V-shaped conveyor for apple singulation
    • Brush bed conveyor (3 brushes)
    • Dry bin tipper
    • Modular construction for more flexibility

    Optional Features

    • Model with capacity up to 2.5 tons/hour
    • Module for damage detection
    • Module for colour sorting
    • Weighing scale for receiving tables
    • Water bin dumper and brush bed with fan
    • Additional receiving tables (3)
    Manufacturer: Green Sort
    Expertise: Grading & Packing
    Categorie: Grading