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Kiwiberry Trellising System

    The Valente trellising system for kiwiberries consists of prestressed concrete posts, tightly held into the ground by anchors, onto which brackets are screwed. Four steel wires pass through the brackets to support the fruiting branches, thus creating a solid pergola.

    This system has the advantage of being durable, easy to maintain, and perfectly suited to kiwiberry cultivation, thus greatly facilitating pruning and harvest.

    Please note that ProduceTech offers a turnkey installation service for kiwiberry trellising systems. Contact us for more details.


    • Trunk supported by a cable
    • Irrigation hose supported by a steel wire
    • Post height above the ground: 2 m
    • Bracket length: 1.5 to 3.1 m

    Optional Features

    • 3.6 m above-ground posts to install anti-insect nets


    Catalogue available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

    Manufacturer: Valente
    Expertise: Trellising and Crop Protection Systems
    Categorie: Posts and Trellising