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Herbicider Herbicide Sprayer

    The Eastern Manufacturing & Design Herbicider herbicide sprayer enables working on two half-rows at a time, thanks to its boom (overall width from 2.6 to 4.4 m) mounted at the front of the tractor.


    • Front/rear-mounted 110-gallon tank
    • One nozzle on each side
    • 16″ bell on each side
    • Independent control of each boom
    • Electrohydraulic control box
      • 4 movements (raise, lower, extend, and retract the booms) and turn on/off nozzles
    • Required: tractor with a double-acting hydraulic outlet and a 12 V power socket

    Optional Features

    • Two nozzles on each side
    • 20″ bells on each side


    Herbicider - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Eastern Manufacturing & Design
    Expertise: Nuts and Berries, Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vineyards
    Categorie: Weeding