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DM Mower Disc with Spring Swing Device

    The Orizzonti DM mower disc with spring device is a complementary tool to the Orizzonti VIP, Star and Power REV mulchers, designed to easily mow the grass between vines/trees


    • Diameters available: 45/60/80/100 cm
    • Two mowing knives
    • Adjustment to ground level with a floating parallelogram mechanism
    • Required: tractor with a single-acting hydraulic outlet with free return, with a minimum flow of 20 L/min and 180 bar of pressure


    DM - Brochure
    Manufacturer: Orizzonti Macchine Agricole
    Expertise: Orchards, Specialized Equipment, Vineyards
    Categorie: Cover Crop Management, Mowers, Stock Equipment