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Carbon Dioxide Scrubber

    The Absoger carbon dioxide scrubber removes carbon dioxide from storage rooms, while precisely controlling the required concentration, according to the type of fruit and vegetables being stored.

    The scrubber uses high-efficiency activated carbon, which can be regenerated by ambient air, thus ensuring more than ten years of optimal use.

    It is designed to be managed either in manual mode, in automatic mode, or by an external computer management system, such as the Supervisor V7.

    Two configurations are offered:

    • Single vessel adsorber: for 1-3 storage rooms
    • Double vessel adsorber: for continuous operation on selected storage rooms (up to 8 rooms)

    Optional Features

    • Nitrogen flush for ULO/XLO rooms
    • Controller with oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer (Smart Controller)


    CO2 Adsorber (Single) - Technical Data Sheet
    CO2 Adsorber (Double) - Technical Data Sheet
    Manufacturer: Absoger
    Expertise: Controlled Atmosphere
    Categorie: Controlled Atmosphere Equipment