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Bin Dumper

    With its hydraulic system, the Willsie bin dumper is a great solution for dumping your bins of various sizes.


    Three models are available.

    Pallet Box Dumper – Economy Model: basic model with manual dumping control, requiring a forklift to load the bins.

    Organic Pallet Box Dumper: model with manual dumping control, that can be loaded with a pallet jack.


    • Automatic adjustment of the bin clamp
    • Manual or hydraulic adjustment of the opening door
    • Various levels of stainless steel construction

    Belted Pallet Box Dumper: this model offers better dumping control thanks to the belt that gradually dumps the bin. It can be loaded with a forklift or a pallet jack.

    Optional :

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Automatic bin lifting
    Manufacturer: Willsie
    Expertise: Grading & Packing
    Categorie: Packaging